Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Charity Telemarketing Update

Following up on recent posts (here and here) about the use of third-party fundraisers by charities, the State of Michigan's Attorney General recently released a report on the use of outside fundraisers by charities in its state (which also includes national campaigns conducted, in part, in the state).  The state's report concluded that on average charities only received 35% of the funds raised on their behalf, a stunning figure.   The full report is available here, and is a fascinating read.  Among the most notable entries are:

  • Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association got 26.4% of the $3.7 million raised.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders Foundation got 8.9% of the $3.0 million raised.
  • Breast Cancer Charities of America got 15.0% of the $5.0 million raised.
  • Breast Cancer Society got 14.8% of the $10.6 million raised.
  • Children's Cancer Fund of America got 18.6% of the $2.2 million raised.
  • Disabled Veterans Services got 17.5% of the $2.4 million raised.
  • Foundation for American Veterans got 15.0% of the $5.5 million raised.
  • National Vietnam Veterans Foundation got 11.0% of the $3.4 million raised.
  • Others First, Inc. got 18.0% of the $6.4 million raised.
  • Veterans Support Foundation got 15.0% of the $3.7 million raised.
  • Woman to Woman Breast Cancer Foundation got 10.8% of the $4.0 million raised.

For those that think these figures are unacceptable, I encourage you to consider the possible remedies and, importantly, add your own suggestions.

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  1. Would it be better for the society if the monopoly competition was built in charity industry?