Monday, December 16, 2013

Best Nonprofit Reads of 2013

Below is my admittedly biased and incomplete list of favorite nonprofit articles from this year.

This is an extremely well-written piece pushing back against the overhead myth campaign.  For some reason, many don’t try to look through the eyes of donors when discussing this issue.  Schambra is a notable exception.

Using the disproportionate philanthropic response to the tragedies in Boston and West, Texas as a backdrop, Cohen provides an eye-opening view of how media and donors treat urban and rural American differently.

This piece follows the highly-publicized and tragic story of a soccer dribbler raising money for charity. Though we quickly learn charity has little to do with it, the story provides an extraordinary view into human motivation.

The story of the New York City Opera has lessons for endowment management and legal gray areas surrounding permanently restricted funds. The entire sector should be taking notice.

Cooper Union’s financial problems are a lesson to all nonprofits, and no one understands them like Salmon.

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