Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Do-not-call List and Charity Telemarketing

As I have discussed here before, the national do-not-call registry exempts charities (and those who call on their behalf). This exemption may keep doors open for nonprofits seeking to raise money, but it has also opened the door for substantial criticism of the sector as a whole due to the inefficient telemarketing practices of a few. In this post, I'll step away from the efficacy of the nonprofit exemption to look more broadly on the effect the do-not-call list has had on nonprofit fundraising.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Should the Nonprofit Sector be Asking out of its Do-Not-Call Registry Exemption?

I realize nonprofits are reluctant to cut off avenues for fundraising, but do the powers-that-be in the sector ever consider that...

Perhaps the nonprofit sector should be asking out of its exemption to the do-not-call registry. Sure, it may mean some funds are missed out on, but it may also mean that the sector is better protected against telemarketing practices that can undermine its reputation.