Monday, December 7, 2015

Nonprofit Writing Roundup: Zuckerberg/Chan Edition

With the news of the $45 billion Zuckerberg/Chan pledge came a wealth of writing and opinions. Here's a roundup of some that stood out in my view.

  • Best Debate: Many opposing views arose about the intentions and potential impact of the pledge, but the debate I found most informative was between Felix Salmon and Jesse Eisinger. Two polar views arose, but its clear both were seeking understanding in forming and conveying them.
  • Oops Award: The pledge brought much quick speculation and incorrect assertions, particularly about taxation and the LLC formation of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, but this one in Daily Beast stood out for me.
  • To a Hammer Everything is a Nail: The news of the pledge also brought many who saw the event as an opportunity to inconspicuously promote their ingrained views. This by Dan Pallotta deserves credit for doing so most conspicuously.
  • Best in Show: For my tastes, the best piece to accurately portray the facts and provide needed nuance is this Atlantic piece by Gillian White, summarizing where things stand as "it's too early to criticize the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative – just as it's too early to praise it."

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