Thursday, December 10, 2015

Proposed Nonprofit Onion Headlines 2015

As "America's Finest News Source," The Onion needs to boost its coverage of nonprofits and issues facing the nonprofit sector. In an effort to nudge such coverage, and despite a complete lack of popular demand, below is a compilation of proposed nonprofit headlines for 2015 offered up free of charge to The Onion. Feel free to add your own in the comments.
  • Skeptical Public Relieved to Find their Donations Used to Raise Awareness
  • Local Child's Lemonade Stand Fundraiser Closed after Criticism for Excessive Spending on Sandwich Board
  • Nonprofit Leaders Worry that Plan to Solve World's Ills Will Lead to Changes in the Charitable Deduction
  • Nonprofit Leader Inspired by Twitter Feed Filled with Airline Complaints & Baseball Updates
  • Tech Mogul Not Entirely Confident his Silicon Valley Approach could Transform Philanthropy
  • Inspired by Dan Pallotta TED Talk, Draft Kings Executives Set Out to Change the World With Advertising

Thanks to The Whiny Donor, Tony Martignetti, and some anonymous contributors, we have many great additions to the list:

  • Nonprofit Leaders Urge Congress to Simplify Private Foundation Excise Taxes and Payout Requirements by Eliminating Them
  • Donor Advised Fund Sponsors Rush Madly at Year-End to Ensure that Charitable Donations Do Not Go to Charity
  • IRS Demands DNA Swab to Prove Your Charitable Deduction
  • Philanthropist Donates to Charity CEO Excessive Compensation Fund
  • Research Shows that Most Donors Respond Poorly to Good Stewardship
  • IRS Mulls Plan to Call April 15 Giving Friday
  • After New IRS Ruling Charity Leaders Eager to Sell their Donors' Social Security Numbers to Each Other
  • Giving Tuesday Sets New Record for Number of Email Solicitations Sent to Spam Folders
  • Unknown Donor Gives Major Gift to Athletic Department to Name New Stadium "Anonymous Field"

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